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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Europes Largest Aquarium...

One day we spent some time in Europe's largest aquarium, L'Oceanografic. There was a Wetlands exhibit with free flying birds, and several small tanks housing various fish and terrapins inside it.

This large dome is the Wetlands exhibit, it is almost 26 metres high!

The red birds in the background were quite a sight!

This bird was perched on a branch right by the entrance to the dome, and was just asking to have his picture taken!

There were several of these birds strutting around...this one was pecking at the floor and made me think of a chicken with oversized legs!

These terrapins were swimming around in the tanks, but I caught this one sunbathing! 

Thanks for looking, next week I'll be putting up some photos of the dolphin show we saw at the aquarium.

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